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Is 5G technology a real conspiracy?

Technological advancement marks a new epoch in human development. The recognition of being advanced is always marked with the advancement of technology. Mastering the field, we are progressing in technology; the 5G technology is a new wave of smart applications to make life easier, faster, improve, and augment smart living. With the progress of fifth-generation technology, the world is to become ultra-fast and quick. Pushed by Covid -19, the time has shown its real need. With the growth of time, the need for the fastest and highly responsive network is also growing. From physical school, learning and business, everything has turned into e-learning, e-business, and etcetera.

However, the recent trend has shown the unwelcoming attitude from some of the sections of the world regarding the 5G technology. Many conspiracy theories are coming out daily claiming that the fifth-generation networks help spread the coronavirus. The virus is a shield to insert the microchips in the human body through vaccines. Before heading towards the surfacing conspiracy theory and its reality, we need to understand what 5G technology is, how it works and whether it’s able to transfer the virus or not.

Table of contents

→ What is 5G technology

→ How it works

→ What countries are using 5G technology

→ How 5G supports smart living

→ conspiracy & the 5G technology

→ Health hazards & 5G technology

→ Is 5G technology a real conspiracy?

→ Benefits- why the world needs the 5G technology amidst of the conspiracy

→ Bottomline

What is 5G technology?

5g technology means the fifth-generation wireless technology that works on cellular networks. 5G has three basic potentials to offer that is; wider channels ( speed effective ), lower latency (response effectiveness), and multiple device connections both as sensors and IoT devices. It offers tremendous data capabilities and augmented call volumes. However, it is to be noted that the fifth generation is in its developmental and testing phase to stand- alone. It does not only support the call volumes; rather, it is to augment the other needs also, such as cars, e-learning, e-commerce, and etcetera.

How 5G technology works

The 5G technology uses less cluttered high radio frequencies. The 5G technology uses air interface spectrums which incorporates MIMO, Multiple Input Multiple Output, technology, allowing it to carry the information at a much higher rate. The fastest technology is supposed to support a converged and heterogeneous network. The peak speed of the 4G is only 1 Gbps, while the fifth-generation technology supposedly has a peak speed of 20 Gbps.

Key Points

The 5G technology uses radio waves which send encoded signals between the hotspot.

It uses a higher frequency than 4G.

Its frequency bands work on two sets-lower and higher frequency ranges; the former works from 450 MHz to 6 GHz, and the latter ranges from 24.25 GHz to 52.6 GHz.

Where 5g has been deployed /countries are using it.

South Korea was the first country to deploy the 5G technology, and 60 percent of mobile subscriptions are expected to adopt 5G technology by 2025 (statista ). The adoption of 5G technology has shown tremendous growth over any other technology. According to a GSA report, many countries have 5G mobile technology, and 38 countries have had 5G networks since August. Also, the same report says that it is expected to reach 1 billion users in the next 3.5 years.

Among the top countries to deploy the fifth generation networks are China, the USA, South Korea, UK, and others. At the same time, the pilot projects have already been implemented in the UAE, Singapore, and Turkey. In addition to it, 27 countries deployed commercial 5G technology the previous year. Most of the cities of the 5G adopted countries have 5G technology access.

How the 5G technology supports the smart living

The question also pops up how the 5G technology will change the overall lifestyle and transform, faster, and improve. This paper has worked extensively to answer those curious questions. The 5G technology does not support the call volume only, and rather it supports the IoT (the Internet Of things.)

The fifth generation is supposed to make a great overall contribution to society through its Artificial Intelligence, as AI is one of the most basic components. The fifth-generation technology is an overall revolutionary technological progress in the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

The 5G technology works in sectors of







Healthcare solution

Energy solution


Data access and etcetera.

Smart cities and industries.

Smart automation in factories.

Conspiracy & the 5G technology

Moving forward with the conspiracy against the fifth-generation technology is in the air. It’s important to understand and link the health hazards of the new technology on the human body and environment. The conspiracy is mainly related to health issues and the concerns related to the current pandemic.

Health Hazards Or Effects of 5G technology on the human body

The advent of every technology brings new boons and bane for the human and human body. Perhaps, some dominate the other, and some have unidentified long-term effects. We never know what future and studies may unfold for us.

The concern related to the 5G technology is its high-frequency radio wave spectrum that is potentially dangerous to pose health hazards to the human body. The 5G technology is ten-fold higher speed, frequency than its previous version (4G-current). According to Woods, (Wood’s team is a part of the multi-institutional Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR)

“higher frequency penetrates deeper into biological tissues, so the skin and eyes are the main organs of a health concern than the brain.”

However, to make life and the environment safe, studies have been done and are still being done to ensure its safe use.

Since the advent of 5G technology, there has been concern regarding its health posing effects and conspiracy related to Covid-that too is health.

According to the WHO, together with the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), all radiofrequency radiations are possibly carcinogenic (cancerous).

Bioeffects studies have been conducted to make sure of its use and effects on the human body.

The study has also shown that the high frequency, as quoted above, said that it might affect tissue heating.

Another small study by WHO, 2017, showed that mobile phones use frequencies of 1.8–2.2 GHz to cause tissue heating. The heating of tissue occurs when the skin of the human body absorbs the electromagnetic rays causing a slight rise in temperature of the body and brain.

Cognitive functioning is another area of health risk. The small study 2017, WHO that using a mobile phone for more than 90 minutes a day may pose attention difficulties; however, later studies show no solid evidence against the 5G technology.

In 2011, a team of scientists examined the possibility of developing cancer due to the exposure of RF-EMFs. The scientists revealed in their investigation that “A causal interpretation between mobile phone RF-EMF exposure and glioma is possible.” Another study also showed the risk of acoustic neuroma. The work was published in The Lancet Oncology.

The unanimous major international review agreed that there is insufficient data or no solid evidence that poses a health risk factor to the human body. A 2018 study revealed that there is no clear evidence between high-frequency EMFs and brain tumors.

Also, according to Dr. Frank De Vocht,” although some of the research suggests a statistical possibility of increased cancer risks for heavy users, the evidence to date for a causal relation is not sufficiently convincing to suggest the need for preventive action.”

Perhaps, the world is still in its learning and developing stage to make a solid verdict for or against the 5G technology affecting human health. Little data and studies are available to show that it doesn’t pose a serious or short-term health concern.

What is the conspiracy of the 5G technology?

Many widespread claims in the air associate the current Covid-19 with the 5G technology. The persistent conspiracy theory traveling around the globe is that either the Coronavirus is transmitted through the 5G signals or the human body comprises the immunity.

Another claim is based on medical conditions that claim to consume 5G signals will result in death.

Rumors also engulfed on social media are that mobile technology is behind the spread of Coronavirus and that the technology sets the perfect environment which helps spread the virus.

News channels have also reported the burning and damaging of dozens of antennas in the UK and other countries.

One of the most believed claims is that the pandemic and inoculation of vaccines is a grand plan masterminded by Bill Gates to insert microchips into the human body.

Surprisingly, the disapproval from scientists to the claims has not stopped anything, and the protests were made even where the technology doesn’t exist.

Is 5G technology a real conspiracy?

Why is there so much negativity and skepticism about advanced technology?Are the dangers of 5G towers real ? Why is 5G technology given the impression of being dangerous?That is too for the benefit of humans. While some believe there is ‘no smoke without fire. So the claims are real or just the aversion nature of some of us? To reassure the safety use of the 5G technology, a few cities in California have passed ordinances to halt the deployment of the 5G network because of health concerns only.

The first claim started with the transfer of virus in the human body and the suppression of immunity through the 5G technology signals.

To rule out this claim, we need to understand how the virus travels in the human body. The Coronavirus is a live virus that travels in the human body via droplets of liquid(cough or sneeze) or by the touch if the person or thing is a carrier. Getting into the body, it invades human cells and starts reproducing, and affects the organ. It is to be noted that the virus needs a living thing to reproduce, and it cannot stay effective for a long time on anything non-living. The 5G technology and its signals for sure are NON-LIVING THINGS. Also, the Genome sequencing of the virus suggests that it started from the animal and transmitted into humans, which continue to carry into humans. The network signals cannot suppress the human body’s defense system until they carry effective bacteria/viruses.

The Department for Digital, Culture, and Media has debunked the notion by saying that ‘there is no credible evidence for the link.’

Regarding the health concern of heating of tissue and cognitive functioning because of the frequency radiation. However, there is no denying that the higher frequency radiation spectrum poses health dangers, and 5G waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The higher frequency waves are ‘ionizing,’ and the great exposure can cause body damage. i.e., X-Ray exposure is limited because it carries the same frequency. Perhaps, the 5G tecehnology waves are ‘non-ionizing that is in a band of low frequency, i.e., Wi-Fi, that is not detrimental to our health.

Regarding the claim that frequency radiation being carcinogenic is true if exposed to greater radiation, however, for the 5G technology, no solid evidence supports this claim.

The new study from the ICNIRP ( International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection)2020

‘No evidence supports that mobile networks cause cancer or other serious illness’.

Also, the conspiracy theory that surfaced associating Billgates as the master planner for implanting the microchips in the human body is false and baseless as no evidence may support this theory.

Dr. Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Readings, says ‘both the notions are complete rubbish.’

What holds true by large

The concerns and skepticism sometimes prove to be good as it helps in perfecting the technology. With the advancement of technology, more and more studies and interpretations should be welcomed, keeping in mind the health risk factors that may prove detrimental to human health and there are reasons to be concerned about 5g dangers. However, if we see the scientific interpretation till to date, all evidence and study rebut the conspiracy theories. There is no denying that radio waves can disrupt the immune system. Still, the reality is that the radio waves from the fifth-generation technology are not strong enough to be detrimental to health.

UNICEF clarified its stance on the circulating theory; ‘5G technology does not cause or spread Coronavirus. This conspiracy theory is more often believed by those who do not use the internet (47%), which indicates a significant impact of the digital divide on citizens’ attitudes’.

Benefits of 5G-Why the world needs 5G technology amidst of the conspiracy

The fifth-generation wireless technology is an ultra-fast, highly responsive, and reliable network technology. To corroborate this, we have examples of 3G and 4G and the boons attached to them that have made our life easy, simple, and fast; just by using google maps, you don’t waste your time and energy in finding and asking routes.

The 5G network accelerates technological change. The impact of fifth-generation technology is far-reaching. It is expected to change and revolutionize our lifestyle, business, and society. Whenever there is a change in technology and advancement made, it always brings social change, a catalyst of money and wealth. As we quoted above, technological change elevates the living standard and makes things a low-hanging fruit in all fields.


The 5G technology will groom the transportation industry with the option of the fully autonomous vehicle, both by land and sea. As its predecessor (4G) is unable to fully handle the cloud-based computational resources and Artificial intelligence (AI), the 5G technology is expected to be excelled in autonomous vehicles with SONAR, LIDAR, camera, and RADAR systems. It will also help in simplifying the communications and signaling process. Taken on the freight and logistics, it will massively reduce the cost and excel the port operations, streamline logistics planning, infrastructure, safety and overall enhance the efficiency.


If technological changes are not made in the medical and healthcare sectors, it’s not a catalyst for humans. Through 5G and IoMT ( Internet of Medical Things), the medical sector will also progress. It will help in fast and remote health monitoring, quick transfer of files. It also enhances AR(augmented reality), VR(virtual reality ), spatial computing, and grows to innovate the less invasive treatments. It will also help to monitor the changes in a patient’s health remotely.

Industrial Sector

The 5G technology will boost the industrial sector with the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) enablement, digital twins, and huge machine-to-machine communication traffic. The 5G technology will pave revenue streams with faster product production in less time.

The operators will optimize performance, schedule maintenance, and feed insights for the next generation of product improvements through digital twins.

Not only this, the key drivers of 5G will tap a wide range of opportunities, including decision-making, end-user experience, and gathering of data. According to statistics, ‘the global economic value can raise $13.2 trillion by 2035, generating 22.3 million jobs in the 5G global value chain.’

Around 66 percent of businesses plan to deploy the 5g technology by 2025, shows a study.

Smart cities

Smart city- means more connectivity, developed and smooth infrastructure, VR, automotive safety, energy, transportation, buildings, and entertainment.

With the assistance of 5G technology, the smart city can transform people’s life and living standards with more intelligent network connectivity, wide and local area connectivity processing techniques. The 5G technology makes sure the short-latency and enables to connect multiple devices simultaneously, thus creating a safe, productive, efficient and smart environment for the citizens. With the disruption of Covid-19, the pressure is emphasized on building smart cities. It helps curb the virus, i.e. London had installed the ‘Victorian Sewer System’ after the cholera outbreak that helped in cope-up the pandemic.


Besides all the above cursory benefits, the 5g technology will expand mobile use as a source of entertainment and information. Corroborating with the current facts, it has helped grow a domestic and small-scale business. The average consumer will be able to use 11 GB of data on smartphones monthly, resulting in massive video traffic and always connected cloud computing and experience. It will also help enormously in remote working, online learning, support new business owners, communication, heavy and fast downloads.

Bottom line

With the advancement of technology, the world is moving towards the paradigm shift, as explained above. There is skepticism and negativism in welcoming the new technology. This paper tries to bring forth the reality and ward off all baseless rumors through the research work and study done at the international level,

The world has already experienced the benefits of the advancement in the realm of telecommunication. There is no denying that data sharing, transferring of files, earning opportunities, etc., were not only exhausting but near to impossible tasks. However, technological advancement has made all this a child’s play.

The developed world is already taking advantage of the predecessor of the 5G technology and is aware of the technological boom the 5G technology is going to bring.

Today there are 6 billion mobile phone users that mean there are 6 billion people who can gain benefit of the technology. The 5G technology will open up wealth potential, working opportunities, faster solutions, faster access for 6 billion people.

The integrated intelligence system will bring a pivotal changes in everyone’s life.

However, there is always a limit to use that determines the boon and bane of anything, be it natural. To lock or unlock the advantages and disadvantages is always dependent on us. The 5g technology is an opportunity that is going to revolutionize the world. The fifth-generation technology will optimize business performance, improved working capacity, intelligent technologies, and overall end-user experience,

This generation has experienced the paradigm shift in leaps and bounds, and for sure future technology will make our life smart, easy, fast, and even better. As Ian Fogg (OpenSignal) says;

“Whatever we do now with our smartphones, we’ll be able to do faster and better.”